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The right logo can be tricky to nail down. a logo is the first point of contact a potential client sees. before you even realize many SUBCONSCIOUS decisions and conclusions are made upon seeing your logo.


When someone sees your logo here is what they think:


  1. Are you successful?

  2. Are you competent?

  3. Will your business do a good job with the work?

  4. Can I trust this company?

  5. What do I feel when I see this logo?


In Ottawa we have a large growing population of small businesses flourishing. They all have one thing in common- they all have a logo. If you want to stand out from the pack you need something that screams out YES to the above questions.


Oftentimes simplicity is the best. 1-2 colors, short and to the point. You need to consider where you want the logo to go i.e. business cards, websites, truck wraps.


The more complex the more difficult it will be to get your logo printed. We have a talented team of creative consultants and over a decade experience evaluating and editing logos. 


Let Astral Creations help you edit, create, or upgrade your logo so that you can get custom shirts, websites, or logos placed on your custom hoodies. Remember, the simpler the better. If you need inspiration just google "most famous logos" and you'll see the most globally recognized brands in the world often have very simple logos with 1-2 colors max. These logos can instantly be associated with the correct brand without even seeing the name. 


We can also help create vectors for you. A vector is a file format that allows you to re-size an image or logo as big or as small as needed without compromising the integrity or quality of the image or logo. This is what you will need to create crisp logos that can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as custom hoodies, websites, business cards, and custom shirts.


So what are you waiting for? Contract Astral Creations for all your logo, vector and custom clothing needs in Ottawa and across Canada!

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